Minnesota DWI Classes and DUI Classes

 What Probation Departments Can
 Expect Working With Rehab Continuums

The process is simple. Your clients call Rehab Continuums directly to schedule their orientation and classes. Any pertinent background information regarding testing, arrest, or probation requirements can be faxed to Rehab Continuums (Fax: 763-566-2053) or the clients can bring the information to his/her orientation session.

Rehab Continuums will communicate admission status as well as continue to update your agency with a progress and completion/ discharge status. Approved discharge with staff approval requires active classroom participation, completion of all written workbook assignments, and an individual plan for discharge developed by each client.

The program is self-pay and will involve no cost to the state or county agencies.

 Client Completion Goal

The goal is to develop improved behavior strategies regarding illicit behavior through comprehensive workbook assignments and group participation. 

Clients discover behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and belief patterns related to their use before their DUI / DWI arrest. 

Clients will complete the assignments countering and modifying behaviors while developing an individualized behavioral solution continuum to successfully avoid relapse and recidivism focusing not only on self-responsibility, but also social responsibility.

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