Minnesota DWI Classes and DUI Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines which program I need to attend (Level I or Level II)? 

Your history of DUI/DWI arrests, circumstances of current arrest (blood alcohol, etc.) and your score when you completed a chemical health evaluation determine which program you are required to attend as part of your probation requirements. Each county has it's own criteria for determining probation requirements.

I heard class participation is required. I'm uncomfortable with reading aloud in class.

If you are uncomfortable reading in class, inform your instructor. Reading in front of the group is not mandatory. Participation is strongly encouraged during class discussions. Your class attendance and completion of assignments are required.

What if I need to miss a class?

Because attending this program is a part of your probation requirements, class attendance is mandatory. We understand an emergency may arise which would keep you from attending a class. You are required to call and inform the instructor as soon as possible and inform him/her of your absence. An excused absence must be personally approved by your instructor.

Missed classes must be made up and unexcused absence(s) may effect your eligibility and can result in grounds for dismissal from the program. Dismissal from the program will have an effect on your probation.

Eash class continues on from what was learned in the previous session.  This is also why missing a class is discouraged.

Is there anything I can do to get through the classes sooner?

You will not be able to take more than one class a week. The curriculum was developed for participants to complete the program in a pre-determined time frame. There is homework for each class and you also need time to process and apply what you learned from each class.

Homework? How much homework?

Some weeks you will be assigned to read a few pages in the workbook and complete a worksheet. Completion of the homework should take no more than 15 - 20 minutes. If you have trouble reading and/or writing, talk to your instructor and make him/her aware of your concerns. Your instructor will work with you to help you successfully complete the program.

  If you have additional questions, call 612-282-5576.