Minnesota DWI Classes and DUI Classes

About Rehab Continuums

  • Provides private, independent chemical health evaluations for DWI/DUI, domestic charges, custody issues, divorce, felony charges and personal injury.

  • Provides chemical health evaluations for employees when there is a concern at the workplace.

  • Provides chemical health evaluations for students when an education institution has a concern about the welfare of a student.

  • Provides Driving With Care® cognitive-behavioraleducational classes for DUI / DWI offenders and underage drinking offenders as part of their probation requirements as ordered by the county court system. Click on Driving With Care®Classes for more information. 
  • Provides anger assessments when anger/stress issues are a personal cenvern or a legal concern such as domestic abuse, assault, divorce, parental/child custody.

  • Provides One Day DUI Classes for first time offenders.


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